InstalOne offers the following range of services:

  • Our Clients can expect our full support in executing the investment process once the scope of works is defined starting from the concept through the works execution to assistance at use stage.
  • We prepare site conditions evaluation depending on the nature of the Investor's business activity.
  • We support our Investor at the stage of negotiating formal documents with general contractors, leases etc.
  • We prepare project documentation in line with the Investor’s needs.
  • We cooperate with the Investor at the project conception, design and planning stage in terms of materials selection and technical solutions with regard to investment budget assumed.
  • We perform optimization of technical solutions in the documentation provided by the Investor
  • We optimize the selection of finishing materials within the scope of documentation provided by the Investor.
  • We deal with permits and all documentation required to obtain administrative and Developer’s acceptance.
  • We deal with permits and all documentation required to obtain administrative and Developer’s acceptance.
  • We prepare necessary documents that permit to start investment’s operation and fully support the Investor at the stage of negotiations and signing service contracts.
  • We assist the Investor during the investment’s operation.

We successfully deal with comprehensive modernization of the existing buildings. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and an extensive technical expertise that enable us to meet any challenges our clients pose. We deal with technical optimization, select solutions to fit investment budgets, help to lower operating costs of the space used and introduce innovative technological solutions.


As a part of our fit-out service, we develop surfaces in terms of construction, finishing and installation. We handle everything from start to finish. In the scope of work, we deal with technical optimization and select solutions for investment budgets. We help to lower operating costs of the area used and introduce innovative technological solutions.


We carry out new investments and modernization works that concern sanitary installations including air conditioning, ventilation, heating as well as water and sewage systems. We use a broad variety of advanced solutions to enable newly build or existing facilities to operate in a more intelligent and cost-effective ways. The concepts we introduce ensure both high energy efficiency and low operating costs.


We are engaged in comprehensive implementation of eclectic installations and integrated tele-technical systems, as well as maintaining the efficiency of networks and equipment in office buildings. The modern systems we introduce serve to guarantee safety together with a proper distribution of electricity and signals in the facilities. Among other things, we offer: BMS systems to manage building automation, SSP building fire protection, SSWiN burglary and robbery signaling systems, KD access control, CCTV.


Electromobility is a rapidly growing sector that is related to the concept of using electric-powered vehicles. We offer comprehensive services related to the selection and installation of charging stations. We provide systems for managing electric cars charging and settling the costs for individual users. We manage the distribution of energy for facilities with insufficient connection power to charge cars.


We take great care of the way we execute construction and installation works as we focus on minimizing the environmental impact of the works carried out and the space created. While realizing the projects entrusted to us, we monitor the amount of carbon footprint (built-in and saved). We advise and recommend design solutions that allow to perform services in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


The following are additional areas of our specialization in carbon footprint monitoring.

As a part of our partnership with GreenSite, we support the preparation and verification of documentation from the perspective of sustainable design, i.e. conscious selection of materials as well as design optimization.

  • All of the works related to construction and installations are carried out with regard to their impact on the environment.
  • In the process of construction works, we monitor the carbon footprint and implement necessary measures to reduce the consumption of utilities and load generation.
  • As a part of our services we provide a report with a calculation of the embedded carbon footprint and data related to emissions avoided due to the implementation of optimized solutions

The generation of about 38 tons of CO2 equivalent was avoided as a result of the measures taken during the redevelopment phase of Ten Square Games' office space. A fully-grown forest of 9 hectares is capable of decarbonizing such amount of CO2 in a year’s time.

For the full offer, please visit the Greensite website.

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